Outcome Measures


Highlights from our FY 2018 report of performance

Performance Analysis for Fiscal Year 2018

WGCAS served an average of 220 families per month in fiscal year 2018.

The agency began the Intensive Family Intervention (IFI) program.

Eleven foster care cases were reunified successfully and 10 Homestead cases were closed as successful.

Seventy-nine percent of new clients referred were seen within 12 days of the referral we received.

OutcomesClients surveyed in our Outpatient Treatment program reported a 100% rating in regard to the following:

  • Our services were explained at the beginning of our services
  • Our services helped to improve life
  • Our staff usually were on time for appointments
  • Our staff provided a way to reach them after hours
  • Our staff is easy to contact when needed

Clients discharged from our services were surveyed. Of those reached we received a 100% satisfaction rating on the following yes or no questions:

  1. Did our services help you to improve your life?
  2. Did you feel that our providers really cared about your situation?
  3. If applicable, were our staff on time for their appointments with you?
  4. Did our services meet your expectations?

100% of staff that were surveyed noted that they were “very satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with our agency.

In terms of job satisfaction, 100% of staff felt like they are “extremely satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied”.

In regard to staff perception of the services the agency provides being beneficial to our communities, 100% felt like the services are “very beneficial” or “somewhat beneficial”.

The agency received responses from non-client stakeholders asking various questions about satisfaction with services. Our agency was rated at 100% as either “very efficient” or “somewhat efficient”.

In terms of effectiveness of services we were rated 100% of “very effective” or “somewhat effective”.

Eighty-five percent of our assessments were completed within our stated time frame goals.