Outcome Measures


Highlights from the report of performance for 2019/2020

Participated in a number of community forums and state wide meetings regarding the needs and services in our community.

Maintained sufficient staff to deliver the services for which we contracted 

Maintained service delivery even though we were challenged during the pandemic 

Provided multiple training opportunities for staff to support their development

OutcomesStaff survey results show staff (94%) were very satisfied with their job and 100 percent felt satisfied with the agency response to Covid-19.

On a client survey 90 percent stated that they would “strongly agree” that they benefited from participation in the program. Ten percent “agreed” to the same question. This result confirms the effectiveness of the program.

The client survey also showed that 90 percent would “strongly agree” that the agency started working with them within 2 business days of initial contact. Ten percent “agreed” that this was the case. This confirms the efficiency of the program

Sample comments from that survey included:

  • “I would not be sober if not for this program” 
  • “I am a better parent due to the program”
  • “Everyone is great”
  • “I liked Mr. Joe’s straight forwardness with me”
  • “My self-control is better”
  • “My counselor is wonderful and helped me bring structure to my home”
  • “Learned how to communicate better”